About Ross and assistants

Male  Massage Bournemouth and More!!!

I am 6ft  , slim fit build. I have been massaging guys for 3 years with countless satisfied clients.

I offer a complete customise sensual (body to body if you like) massage that integrates teasing edging techniques & tantric styles but starting with a standard Swedish massage. I combine body caresses and strokes with teasing strokes to your inner thighs and gentle teasing of your cock , balls and arse play. but please  be impeccably cleaned out and douched clean if you have one !

pop on a flight mask / blindfold if you want to , you  can imagine your  fantasy. I play great  relaxing music while you’re having a  hot and horny massage. It is entirely up to you on the day. Let me know  your preferences, likes and dislikes etc, this way you get the very best experience on the day 1st time around as I would like you to come back again and again .

Those guys who enjoy the more sensual slower caressing style of massage, and like rhythmic strokes on their cock  and balls, bum  at the same time, are the type that say WOW !….  I love it when I guy moans with pleasure. It makes my job worth it all the more rewarding, knowing your going feel like floating  home and you will sleep so well.

You may find that you have to just lie there for 5 mins to recover from the super relaxing empty feeling that places you in a state of Bliss-full euphoria. then pop in to my shower to be clean and fresh

27 year old Student

I am Ross’s  new Model and assistant  I’m a student so can olg  do afternoons.

Name is Rick .  Age 27 . Great at sensual massage , big load , quite big cock and great oral skills

Student  Mornings and evenings, and this is ONLY available midday start so no later than  2:30 pm start as he has to get back to college    . You will need to book 24  hrs in advance to be 100% but sometimes I can get him at short notice .

He can do on his own with you or 4 handed with him and myself oiling you up

Prices for him are £60  / hr on his own or £80 hr for both me and him if you fancy 3 way fun/ More hands on dick !

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